How can I lose weight quickly Review?

How to lose weight fast? A nutritionist will answer the most commonly asked weight-loss question

Many weight loss people are wondering how to lose weight fast. Would you lose extra pounds with a strict juice diet or should you start a low carb diet? Your home stove asked nutritionist Hanna Partanen if fast weight loss is possible.

Partanen begins by specifying what dieting really is:

“Weight loss means a reduction in adipose tissue, not what’s on the scale.”

This is essential, as many who start a strict diet report losing two or three pounds of weight during the first week of weight loss. However, it is not just a matter of fat loss.

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“Most of the time, the weight drops so radically when a lot of fluids leave the body at the beginning of the diet. This can make you feel lighter, but it’s not about losing weight, ”Hanna Partanen explains.

Fat mass does not leave quickly
Fast weight loss is not really possible in any way.

“In extreme weight loss, about 200 grams of fat can be burned per day, ie 1–1.5 kilos per week. That’s when muscle mass is often lost at the same time. ”

If you are not careful, a fast diet can also cause unwanted weight loss, when as a result of rapid weight loss, more muscle mass than fat mass is lost from the body of the dieter.

“Many say that after losing weight, the weight comes back with pounds. This is often due to the fact that the loss of muscle mass affects the metabolism of the base, resulting in a decrease in consumption. In addition, meat is harder to get back into the body than fat. ”

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Hospitals are sometimes forced to urge patients to lose weight quickly
While rapid weight loss is not ideal, there are special situations in which a health care professional is forced to urge a patient to shed fat mass quickly from their body.

Partanen cites an example:

“If a severely overweight patient is going to have surgery and the operating table cannot support the patient’s weight, he or she is forced to lose weight. The patient can also be instructed to lose weight when there is so much fat in his body that the surgeon is unable to cut safely because he cannot see the organs. ”

In such cases, recourse is made to the VLCD method, i.e. the ENE diet, i.e. a very low energy diet.

The diet includes sachets of nutrients, and the daily energy intake should be less than 800 kilocalories. In addition to nutritional products, the patient should only eat moderately low-calorie vegetables.

However, Hanna Partanen is not entirely satisfied with the use of the ENE diet either, even though it is a treatment for adult obesity in accordance with the Current Care recommendations.

“It’s unfortunate that the ENE diet is used because there is research evidence from the diet that even with this weight-loss method, pounds come back after the diet. Better ways should be found, but this is the most cost-effective way so far if the patient needs to be prepared quickly for surgery. ”

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The key is to learn new lifestyles that will keep the weight off after losing weight
Fast lost weight often comes back, but even slowly lost pounds may not stay away. Hanna Partanen believes that it largely depends on the dieter’s personality, what kind of weight loss style is right for everyone.

“Some may agree to lose weight more slowly, some 5–10 pounds at a time. What matters is not so much the way to lose weight, but whether the dieter finds a way to eat that keeps the weight off after losing weight. ”

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If the weight is lost slowly, new lifestyles are often learned already during weight loss. The focus is, among other things, on learning reasonable portion sizes and a regular meal rhythm.

“Instead, for example, just during the ENE diet, when a weight loss dieter eats only a bag of food, these skills are not learned and must be learned completely after a course. It has its own challenge, ”Hanna Partanen reflects.

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