How long does it take to lose 50 pounds with a keto diet?

How To Make A Diet Plan For Weight Loss

keto diet

I lost more than 50 pounds a year on a keto diet, a low-carbohydrate diet. Ketosis seemed like a suitable diet for me, as I got to eat plenty of meat and my godparents didn’t have to count the calories either. The biggest plus, however, was the disappearance of the feeling of hunger.

In this post, I will share my own keto diet experiences, my own mistakes, and tips to help me get the most out of losing weight.

Ketosis in brief
Ketosis is a condition in which the body does not get enough energy from carbohydrates. In this way, the body begins to change the body’s stored fat so-called. into ketones which it can utilize as energy.

From my own experience, the biggest benefits of ketosis weight loss when it came to weight loss came from not just starving or being tired like with traditional diets

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Starting point
Spring 2018, weight at its worst 135 pounds and dozens, if not hundreds of weight loss companies behind. I had been overweight my whole life, I tried to run my first diets in primary school, in secondary school I went to a nutritionist and kept a food diary, still, the weight just went up. in ninth grade, I already weighed over 120 pounds.

In the spring of 2018, coping as if I was bad and always tired. The doctor ordered a sleep apnea test from us and in the end, I got it on a ventilator or whatever device it is now. However, its use did not become anything at all.

ketogenic diet

Sleep apnea tests
I decided that now would be high time to get up, I started doing about 1–2 hours of walks every day, the walks went quite comfortably while listening to audiobooks or music. I had also acquired, for the first time in my life, a bag of protein powder sweetened with stevia, I realized that this is a damn good taste and cheap. with protein powder, I already got a little trimmed craving for sweets.

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The loops went by and one day I realized that even today I had eaten almost no charcoal. I had already read about ketos before, so from today, I decided to start a tighter pruning of the coals. Well, with hard minus calories and a small amount of carbon, it didn’t turn into anything but insane fatigue and feeling sick (ketosis flu), so I added carbon again. The diet continued to be high in carbon for a couple of weeks with calorie counting.

How fast does ketosis start?
Usually, a person is already in mild ketosis in the morning after a night of fasting. however, deeper ketosis only begins after a few carbon-free days. Adaptation of the body to the use of ketoses as fuel, i.e. the so-called, however, keto-adaptation takes several months of disciplined ketosis practice.

Ketosis test
The pharmacy sells so-called ketosis strips, which measure ketosis from urine.

However, I recommend that you don’t waste your money on keto tests, because when you lose weight you don’t need to know how deep you are in ketosis. It is enough to concern you like you do not eat more than 20–50g of carbohydrate per day.

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Ketosis symptoms
Symptoms of ketosis include foul-smelling breath, foul-smelling urine, fatty onion, and a bad taste in the mouth. These, too, are only temporary and go away on time when you hold on tightly to ketosis.

Often, a ketone who starts at the beginning of ketosis will come across the so-called ketosis flu. This usually takes a few days. The hallmarks of kept plastic are e.g. fatigue, chills, and headache. You can relieve ketosis flu by consuming electrolytes, for example, adding salt to the water.

Rapid onset of ketosis
I happened to come across a guide in June that would get ketosis as effortlessly and quickly as possible. The instruction was simple: fasting & walking.

As instructed, I ate a sturdy but low carb dose for dinner on Sunday night.

Monday fast and at least a 3-hour walk. According to the instructions, the loop was absolutely absolute, so that the body’s carbon/glucose stores would be depleted as quickly as possible and I would get ketosis quickly. A large bottle of water was added to the jog, in which I mixed salt in case of cramps.

On Tuesday, continue fasting and a 2–3 hour run, according to a bottle of water with salt. In the evening, according to the instructions, I would have been able to enjoy coffee with fat if there was a compelling need for it, I didn’t give up

Wednesday’s jogging day was already optional according to the instructions, I went for an hour’s jog because it was still ok. I was on Tuesday I had bought from the store mushrooms, bacon, and a rafting melted cheese. I saw a dream about these delicacies the night before and the whole loop went when I thought about them, so I had to put them on the grill right after the run.

I was now, I hope, in ketosis. The guide also recommended keeping at least one fast day a week. Following the instructions, I fasted for 1–3 days a week, at first the job required a little willpower, but with longer ketones, fasting became even easier.

Intermittent fasting
Senkun’s motivation increased as the weight of sunken dropped every morning while on the pound. I was looking for more information on what could speed up the job even more and I came across a piece of fasting that was supposed to be very easy in ketosis.

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